Theatre Practice II: Interpretative Acting (DRA2007)

30 credits

The aim of this module is to provide you with an understanding of several tools and methods for approaching acting a text and creating a role. Much more than a workshopping of text, this module is an exploration of the craft of the actor and the psychophysical preparation necessary to develop a basis for entry into that craft. The module will begin with you exploring your prepared monologues with the tutor as well as specific acting approaches developed by Stanislavsky, M.Chekhov and Grotowski, which will develop physicality, voice and characterisation. You will then be given characters for the ensemble production for individual research and etude creation. Workshops on acting approaches, etude creation and rehearsal of scenes will continue until the final weeks of the module where everything will join together in a performance presentation. In addition, the module will further extend your understanding of the theories and processes of acting through exposure to a variety of readings and other sources about the art of the actor. These sources inform your reflection on the practical phase of the module which will be compiled in an essay at the end of the module. Learning and teaching methods include workshops, rehearsals, seminars, practical presentations, and individual tutorials to reflect on progress.