Dissertation (DRAM080)

60 credits

As the culmination of your MA Theatre Practice / MA Applied Theatre (pathway), this module asks you to develop an individual research project partly through practice (performance, workshop or placement, accompanied by critical written reflection), or as a fully written dissertation centred on an area of your specific interest related to theatre and performance studies. You are encouraged to think of this module as a time to synthesise your learning across the degree, and to stretch the creative and academic skills you have acquired to the full. The dissertation module can be a useful space to consolidate or forge networks and connections beyond the University in a variety of fields through placement, fieldwork, workshop or teaching experience. The dissertation topic will be chosen by you and will give you an opportunity to pursue a project of deep personal interest that you would like to extend through an advanced research project. The topic of research can be linked to your career plans for post-graduation employment, to further and more advanced study; it can be a new area for research or something that you have previously worked on at a different level.