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Our research is developed and supported within the three distinct research centres/groups below, we actively foster interdisciplinary research across the Department, University and beyond — working nationally and internationally with academic and industry partners.

We pride ourselves on bridging practice and research, and applying our research to real-world contexts through theatre-making, pedagogy and partnerships with theatres and cultural institutions. We continue to innovate and pioneer, drawing on our 50-year history. We welcome enquiries for prospective researchers interested in joining our vibrant research community.

Centre for Contemporary Performance Practices

The Centre for Contemporary Performance Practices (CCPP) is committed to making connections between academia and the world beyond.

Centre for Performance Histories and Cultures

The Centre for Performance Histories and Cultures brings together Drama's dynamic culture of research in a variety of social and historical contexts.

Colloquium for Interdisciplinary Research and Community-Led Engagement

Recent activity has included staff collaboration with the Institute for Health Research on healing supported by the BIAL foundation.

Open-air Performance and Environment Network

A space for discussing and researching open air performance.

South Asia Research Centre

The Exeter South Asia Centre brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and postgraduate students whose work relates wholly or in part to the wider Indian subcontinent and global South Asian communities with their associated diasporas.

Affiliated research centres