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Environments, Ecologies and Cities

Thinking about our human entanglements with nonhuman environments and ecologies is becoming ever more urgent. Through our research we address crucial issues by drawing on analytical, practice-as-research and ethnographic methodologies. Our disciplinary and interdisciplinary research is concerned both with performance as it relates to more-than-human ecologies, and theatre and performance as it represents them. Particular foci on conservation, climate, cities, gardens and weather coalesce around shared commitments to the necessity of Humanities’ perspectives in deepening understanding of, and our ability to interact meaningfully with, diverse environments and ecosystems.

We have specialism in walking art practices, and our research intersects with architecture, urbanism and cultures of the street. Researchers are also working on weather, atmospheres, open air performance and climate change. Projects in development include an investigation into the politics of South African safari parks; interdisciplinary enquiry into cultural representations of Indian elephants; and performance at the threshold during the pandemic.

urbanism, walking, environment, ecocriticism, environmental humanities, climate change, non-human others, animals in performance