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International Pedagogies and Performer Training

Our research into the histories and significance of performance pedagogies and training builds on the department’s 50 years of practice-led education and extends into international networks and partnerships.

Current research includes:

  • The translation of training practices between China, Taiwan, and the UK
  • Exploring the history and cultural value of embodied knowledge and practice as taught within drama and theatre in the global university
  • The value provided through exchange of ongoing professional training within theatre companies and institutions
  • The contribution of university theatre and performance training to the contemporary cultural industries
  • Tracing of genealogies and histories of radical pedagogic practices from art schools and conservatoires.

For example, Bryan Brown was co-editor of the special issue of Theatre, Dance and Performance Training concerned with Dartington College of Arts and its legacy, helping to co-ordinate the related Symposium. Jerri Daboo has also written about both the history of Dartington College, but also its connections with Shantiniketan, India. Heike Roms has looked at teaching at the Cardiff College of Art and its impact on the emergence of avant-garde performance in Wales. Schaefer’s project, 'Revitalising Critical Dialogues on Community theatre', is directed towards practical, peer-led training in community theatre to theatre students, theatre makers and the public.

Previous postgraduate students are now teaching in institutions across the globe, and we are currently setting up a network to share expertise between South Korea, Thailand and the UK.

ArtsCross led by Rescen at Middlesex University in collaboration with Beijing Dance Academy, Taipei University of the Arts and QMUL. Rebecca Loukes
‘Live Class – the history of Performance Art and Pedagogy in Britain’ Heike Roms

performance pedagogies, translation, transmission, art school, embodiment, psychophysical, choreography