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Photo of Dr Tony Lidington

Dr Tony Lidington

Associate Lecturer in Drama (E&S)

Research interests

Popular entertainment forms: in particular, pierrot troupes, concert parties, peepshows, raree men, music hall, fairground, circus, itinerant performance, celebratory performance.

Themes: nationhood & identity, multicultural influences, gender studies, defnitions an uses of public space.


  • Monograph - 'The Complete History of Pierrot Troupes & Concert Parties' for Routledge
  • Society for Theatre Research award to study origins of pierrot troupes.
  • Lead artist for AHRC project Nineteenth Century Visual Culture with Kate Newey & Jim Davis
  • Lead artist for AHRC The Victorian Joke Project with Bob Nicholson 

Research through practice

I use performance in all my research projects - currently 'The Follies' pierrot troupe, 'Uncle Tacko's Flea Circus' and the 'Raree Man & his Peepshow'.

External impact and engagement

I am working with Teignbridge Town Council on animating the seafront for the summer months 2020.

I am working with Exeter Culture exploring the possibilities of public realm activities for the city centre.

'Resorting to the Coast' with Tendring District Council.


Dr Tony Lidington – short biography:

Tony has been a showman, researcher and teacher for over 35 years. He specialises in historical popular entertainment forms and their application to contemporary contexts. Tony was awarded a doctorate for his research into itinerant British performance forms by the University of Exeter, where he now teaches. He regularly writes about the subject for academic journals and general interest magazines, as well as broadcasting on both radio and television. Tony was founder of ‘The Pierrotters’ - Britain’s last professional seaside pierrot troupe, with whom he performed for 27 years as ‘Uncle Tacko!’







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